Friday, October 31, 2014

T - 2 1/2 hours

I am just under three hours before I can start my Nano 2014 book. I have written my synopsis, only a page and a half, found my character pictures, and fleshed out a few details. I think I'm ready. This however will be my first nano as a working mother, witch makes me just a little bit worried. I am hoping for a few hours at night, quietly sitting on my couch, pinking away on my computer, but I am to smart to let that blissful dream stick around to long. There will probably be more than a few nights that I have visitors, little ones that need to get a drink, or go potty for the fifteenth time before they finally fall into bed. I am also anticipating a lot of very tired nights for myself after a long days work. I am just hoping that by the time November 3oth rolls around I am making coherent sentences! Even with all the hurtles I am facing this year, I know I can do it! It is going to be hard, but most things that are hard are totally worth it! So all my Nano friends, I wish you good writing, happy stories, and many useful hours with the Nano muse!

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