Friday, July 10, 2009

As of yet unnamed.

An Early Draft: Introduction:

They waited. The yellow moon hung in the sky by the long black fingers of a cloud and it watched them. Their heavy lids clipped together in unison as they stood motionless against the gray building. The night was silent and they were invisible in their hiding spot. No one was looking for them, all eyes were turned toward the two yellow specks of light in the tower that poked its way into the black sky. For that matter, no one was looking in from the outside but the three iron clad statues. No one in Nor would know until morning the significance of the lights, and no one would care about their mission for the next eighteen years. Still they kept hidden, unwilling to show themselves to any who may turn a wayward eye towards the sky. It was imperative that their mission succeed or life as the world knew it would end forever.

Ezra sat looking at the child. He was awake but silent. His tiny fists were curled against his chest and his silver hair formed a halo around his tiny head in the candle light. The earth shook slightly for just a moment when he looked at her, and she grasped the chair tightly in both hands. It was time. Careful not to touch him she folded the blanket around him and then stood. Her heart felt as if it would break in two and she clutched her breast in an attempt to hold it together. The swaying returned and she closed her eyes and reached for the cool stone wall next to her. Suddenly a gust of wind blew her auburn hair into her face and she furiously brushed it away and looked toward the great wooden door, it was shut.
Directing her gaze to the window her eyes widened in fear. There on the window sill stood a huge white creature. Its scales sparkled in the moonlight and shot pyramids of color around the small room. It was almost to bright to look at and her scream stopped short as she watched in horror as the great beast snaked its long head into the cradle and snapped up the baby. Then it blinked its great white eye at her and disappeared. This time the air felt like fire and she wrapped her arms around herself and rushed to the window. They sky was empty.

Somewhere a thousand leagues to the west they landed. The white dragon laid the baby on the ground and nosed away the white blanket. The child was naked, and obviously a male. They had succeeded. Opening his gaping mouth the monster raised his face to the moon, his needle like teeth capturing the light. His companions, one black the other blue followed suite and they sang to the sky. It was the sound of wind, and faith, and joy, and relief. Next the white leader snaked his tongue out and touched the child gently on the navel. The silence of the forest was broken with great peals of laughter.