Thursday, October 9, 2014

Release Ready!!

Many of you who have released a eBook know how much time and effort goes into formatting and tweaking things to look just right. I have been working on "Temperance and Treason" all week to make sure it is ready to go live on Sunday. It has been fun to read through the book again and become reacquainted with the characters. It is interesting to me that when I read it makes me want to write. Getting this book ready for publication has made me even more excited about Nano, and the story I have in my head. Maybe I should release a book around Nano every year! For anyone who is interested here in another plug for my newest book "Temperance and Treason." Temperance Dennison has a secret that even she doesn't know about. Her father has left something in her care and she is only now figuring out what it is, and how it will affect her entire life. It wasn't a normal Coming Out season, not with the death of her father and the threats to the Sable Kingdom. Unexpected suitors, and hidden assassins make it hard for her to know who to trust, but she needs to finds someone fast, or everyone she cares about will suffer. Lord Deacon Colburn has only one objective, find the Dennison Documents and save the King. Temperance holds the key, and he is determined to get it from her even if he has to break her heart. A seasoned warrior, and cousin to the king, Deacon never suspects he will face the greatest threat of all,falling in love. Can Deacon and Temperance work together and find the documents that will save the entire kingdom, and can they trust the love that binds them to save not only themselves but everyone they love? You can find "Temperance and Treason" on Amazon. Available Sunday, October 12th.

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