Saturday, March 23, 2013

What's In a Cover?

So I have mentioned before that I worked with a wonderful and talented lady for my cover for A Ransomed Heart, but I wanted to give her a little more credit.

Mel Fowle from Melchelle Designs was so great to work with! She was conciterate to my personal preferances, and worked hard to give me exactly what I wanted.  I have never had a cover desgined for me before, and I have to say there isn't anyone else I would go to after my experience with Mel.  I was so pleased with her quick responses and her frienedly personalty.  So, HUGE shout out to Melchelle Designs and exepcially Mel! 

I know there have been lots of times that a cover has caught my eye and I am a true believer now of great cover art.  A great story deserves a great cover.  When you are getting close to getting your book out there to the world, please consider getting the cover professionally done for it, I guarantee it will boost sales. 

Think of it this way. If your husband, boyfriend, significant other asked you to fly to Paris eat at Le Meurice and attend the Opera, your not going to ware jeans and a T-shirt, right!?! No your going to go get that smoken' hot red dress and strappie shoes you've been thinking about. Then you go get hair hair done and look your very best. Obviously a lot of time, preparation, and money has gone into his planning so you're going to look your best! When you work, and sweat, and cry over your manuscript, and hope that it touches the rest of the world, you want your book to call out to other people. There are very talented people out there who do cover art for a living, and they want to give you something perfect for your book!

So, because I can, here is a shameless plug for my friend Mel and Melchelle Designs. Take a look at her work, I promise you will be impressed!

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