Monday, March 18, 2013

Information Dump!

Just a quick reminder that A Ransomed Heart is now available at Amazon.  We are also running a special on Sweetwater Springs, you can download it for FREE March 22-24!  What a deal right! 

For those who want to know I am now working on A Runaway Heart the second book in the Heart Collection.  We first met Marcus Kittlinger, or Kit in our first book A Ransomed Heart. Well Kit has come back to Regency after leaving the US Marshals. Settling for a Sheriff job back home he finds himself escorting the Mayors daughter Macey Waters, back into town after their train crashes. An adventure awaits them both. I am really enjoying the writing process on this book because I know Kit so well from the first book. I feel like I am really pulling for him because he is such a likeable character.  I am also enjoying following some story lines throughout the collection and I am anxious to introduce you to some new characters that hopefully you will fall in love with, like US Marshal River Johnson, ladies man, mans man, and man about town. A super hot hunk who loves himself just as much as we do, but is a great sport about it. And Mayor Waters who wants the best for his head strong daughter Macey, and Sheriff Kit who he has grown very fond of. Sometimes love needs a push from a knowing father. I will keep you up to date on the progress of the manuscript in the coming months.

For now I hope you enjoy my two available stories, and when your done I would appreciate it if  you left an honest review so I know how to keep my readers happy!

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