Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Excitement and Reflection

There is a lot of excitement revolving around the upcoming release of A Ransomed Heart.  I remember when I was working towards the release of Sweetwater Springs it felt like it wasn't really happening; like it was a dream come true, but I wasn't really doing it, I was just watching it.  However, working on the cover for Ransomed and waiting on edits, is really putting things into perspective.  I have been writing for a long time and hoping to send my work out into the world and I am really doing that!

The other day I found some little books that I wrote in the fourth grade.  My sweet mother had the sense enough to keep them safe for me, for which I am eternally grateful! It was fun to look through them and see how my story telling has changed over the years, it also made me thankful for spell check!  But it has also shown me how far I have come as a writer. 

I really enjoy writing, I have a whole folder on my computer full of stories I have been working on, but for a long time it was hard for me to share them. Of course my family has always been supportive and my husband has been my biggest fan but I think I have started rooting for myself too, and that is a really neat feeling.  I know my stories aren't for everyone and that's just fine, I only hope that they can reach someone and bring them a little joy. 

I hope all of you out there who are striving to accomplish hard things can find the strength to go for it. I know it is really scary, and there are a lot of critics out there, but I hope you know that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.  Confidence is a great thing and success will follow if you just stick to it. Good luck with all your adventures and know that you always have a fan in me!

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