Monday, September 15, 2014

I Drempt the Nano Dream

I have dreamed the dream of Nano and I think I have come up with a plot! I know it sounds weird that I could get an idea from a dream, but it happens all the time. Sometimes I like to tell the kids about the dreams I had that night at breakfast the next morning. They get a kick out of how strange my dreams can be. Sometimes when I am telling them about last nights dream, they pipe up and start adding to it from dreams in the past. One of their favorite dreams to re-tell is Tinkerbell and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Sometimes my dreams are so real I wake up and wonder why I am in bed, and not doing whatever I was doing in my dream. I have even woken myself up getting out of bed to dance, yes, dance! So all that being said I hope my Nano concept turns out to be something more than a silly dream. I know anyone who is attempting Nano is feeling the same way, hoping that the Writing Gods are smiling down on you and you get some kind of valid idea. Well I wish you all the best of luck with your Nano plans, and happy dreaming!

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