Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Early New Years Resolution

With Nano approaching I have decided I need to work harder at blogging. School has started, the kids are working hard, and I am spending a lot of time on WIP, so a few minutes to keep my readers updated shouldn't be a problem. So, as an early resolution for me, is to start writing every day and doing updates for those who may be following me. Update one: All the kids are in school now, yeah, free time!! Actually I have found myself staying busy with things that have been neglected for the past few years. I have cleaned my couches, scrubbed my kitchen floor, worked in closets and gone through clothes. I have had lots more time for writing, true, and it has been really nice, so I am pulling out old projects and dusting off some fun things, it has been a whole new world. Update two: I have a new book that is almost done. I don't mean first draft done, I mean back from the editor and working on a cover done. It is called, Temperance and Treason. Fun project, it was a nano book from three years ago and it has been fun to get back into it and get to know the characters better. I am hoping for a release date sometime after Christmas, so keep your eyes open, I promise to do more updates on "Temperance and Treason." Update three: I bit off a big chunk of crazy, and I am going back to school. This is an idea I have been thinking about for a few years, and now that the kids are gone most of the day it is going into affect. I will be getting my Bachelors in English. Luckily I already have an Associates so it is only a 2 years project, and I get to take some really fun classes! Last update: I can't think of a nano plot to save my life!!! I know I still a month to bring something together and I am drawing a blank. Who else is having this problem? I thought all this "creative" time on my hands, I would be inspired, but it just isn't happening. I hope that something I see, or read with flip a switch, often times a dream even gives me a good idea, so I am on the hunt. Well there you go, an update, long overdue. I hope you are all doing well, I hope if you are writing the muses are with you, whispering sweet ideas in your ear. If you are a reader, I bless you with good reading, and great experiences. Good luck in all your doings and I will check in soon.

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