Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day One!

I did it friends. Day one of writing has been completed.  I worked really hard to get something down on paper.  Some days writing is hard! I worked and worked to get something at least readable down yesterday.  I think it is interesting, some mornings I wake up and just have to write, the words just beg to come out and I can spend hours writing. Other days it is like pulling teeth to get anything worth reading!

I have began to realize that the more the story is in my head, the easier it is to write. It's just like talking with a friend, I find that when I am more in touch with my characters it is easier to write about them and their lives.  I told my husband once that it is hard having all these people in my head because sometimes I don't know who I am talking too! 

Anyway. I am looking forward to another hour of writing today.  I think if I have a good long conversation with my characters this morning, we can have a good long writing session later in the day when it is to hot outside to do anything. 

Good luck in your writing and I hope you have success in your day.

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