Sunday, April 1, 2012

Free Day for Sweetwater Springs

I know this is coming terribly late in the day, and that I should have had this up early, early this morning.  But I am just crazy busy.

Sweetwater Springs is FREE today for Kindle.  You can 'buy' it here:

This weekend is actually our 'Girls Weekend'.  So I'm currently stuck in Denver waiting on a very delayed plane to get me back home.  After a couple of very late nights up with the girls having a blast, I am very tired and I still have some 8+ hours before I'm back home in my own bed.  Wish me strength!

Anyway - back to Sweetwater.  I should have posted this this morning, but things are going well for this free day.  I'm well over 2000 downloads and all signs point to plenty more downloads before the free day ends.

I am climbing in the rankings and that makes me happy.  These free days provide great exposure and I'm excited for all of the people to read my book.  I could sure use some more reviews though - So - hint, hint, those of you downloading and reading my book, I'd love to hear from you and hear your thoughts on Sweetwater Springs!

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