Friday, March 2, 2012

Follow up to Tracking My Kindle Book Sales

In follow up to this post:

I've noticed a change in the KDP reporting feature.  This is better.  It looks like Amazon has divided up the different methods of 'selling' the book into separate columns of reporting data.  This change sure helps to see better what is happening.

The new columns I see are:
Units Sold
Units Refunded
Net Units Sold
Units Borrowed
Free Units - Promo
Free Units - Price Matching.

Previously, in my report, I only saw 'units sold'.  This, of course, only provided a portion of the needed data to see what kind of money I was making and how many units I was moving.  These new columns provide some important information  for my tracking.

Most importantly, - Separation of 'Sold', 'Borrowed', and 'Free'.  This was the biggest.  With 2K+ 'sales' last week, it didn't tell me much of what was going on.  Were they all free? Paid? How many of each?  This new separation helps me see where my books are going.

So - a quick shoutout to the 'Reporting' team at Amazon for providing us authors with more information regarding our sales at the KDP.

What other benefits do you get from the new reporting layout?


  1. I like this better, too. It helps to know what was purchased and KEPT - because when I was using KDP, I sure wanted to know if anyone returned something. Returns definitely count in my numbers.

  2. Lauren, I agree - anytime you can break down bigger numbers into smaller numbers is good. I hope KDP continues to break these numbers down into more usable data.