Friday, February 24, 2012

Numbers are Hoppin'!!!

I have been amazed at the numbers with this new marketing campaign!  This morning at 8:11am, I was at 190 books downloaded. Holy Crap!  As the day went on, the numbers kept climbing.  Lunch time it was 345,  dinner time 641, Holy Crap, Holy Crap!!! Just as I am heading to bed I'm about to break 1200, and that is only my Amazon USA, not counting the wonderful people in the UK, DE and the one blessed soul in France!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, my readers!!!

Sometimes as an author you wonder if your book has reached anyone, or if you have fallen into a crack somewhere, and my hope is that with this new Campaign I will reach more readers that will be excited about reading my books.

Please, please, if you have read Sweetwater Springs, post something, anything, tell me what you loved about it, shoot, tell me what you hated about it! Then, post a blurb at the end of the book on Kindle and tell the world. I appreciate every one of you, I know lots of authors say that but I truly mean it. Sweetwater Springs is just like one of my kids; lots of sweat and tears went into it and all moms like hearing how much other people like their kids, so don't be shy, write a review, even if it isn't wonderful, I also love constructive criticism.

Anyway, I need to get to bed, but I look forward seeing the numbers in the morning. Just a quick reminder, the book is free until midnight tomorrow night, that's 12:00 a.m., February 26th. Pick one up and enjoy it today!

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