Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Ransomed Heart Free Run!

Just wanted to let everyone know that A Ransomed Heart is going on a free run on June 28th-July 2nd.  Also you can pick up Sweetwater Springs for just $0.99, also at  Please enjoy and leave a review so others know what you thought of the book.

I also wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who had supported and encouraged me through everything. First off my Hubby, he is an amazing man, and my children who drive me crazy and give me the best ideas! Also those who help me put the manuscripts together such as Mel, my cover art designer and Raighne, who helps me get everything edited. 

Thank you also for those who have read my books and written reviews. It is so helpful to hear from my readers so I know how the books are being received. If you have read either A Ransomed Heart, or Sweetwater Springs, please take just a minute and write a review, so my next books can benefit from your words. 

Thanks Again.


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